Writing the modern research paper

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Three stone slabs were found by Romanian archaeologist Nicolae Vlassa , in the mid-20th century (1961) in Tărtăria (present-day Alba county , Transylvania ), Romania , ancient land of Dacia , inhabited by Dacians, which were a population who may have been related to the Getaes and Thracians . One of the slabs contains 4 groups of pictographs divided by lines. Some of the characters are also found in Ancient Greek , as well as in Phoenician , Etruscan , Old Italic and Iberian . The origin and the timing of the writings are disputed, because there are no precise evidence in situ , the slabs cannot be carbon dated, because of the bad treatment of the Cluj museum. There are indirect carbon dates found on a skeleton discovered near the slabs, that certifies the 5300–5500 BC period.

Writing the modern research paper

writing the modern research paper


writing the modern research paperwriting the modern research paperwriting the modern research paperwriting the modern research paper