Usask thesis format

The sampling plan for schools and child care centres/facilities must consider that many occupants in these buildings are the most susceptible to the adverse health effects from lead exposure. Consequently, sampling plans for these facilities should prioritize every drinking water fountain and cold water outlet used for drinking or food preparation over infrequently used outlets. In other building types, sampling plans should also target drinking water fountains and cold water outlets used for drinking or food preparation, but with the number of sites sampled based on the size and population of the building.

If the included manuscript differs in content from a published version of the manuscript, this difference should be briefly described in an addendum. If no content has changed from the published version, there should still be a statement that indicates that the document has been reformatted from the original version for inclusion in the thesis. There can be alternate ways in which to revise a manuscript that is presented as a chapter within a thesis. The manuscript itself may be revised, or an addendum explaining the modifications may be inserted within the thesis.

It is the student's responsibility to prepare, assemble, and distribute all materials in all copies of the thesis. The Advisory Committee shall evaluate the thesis in order to determine whether it is ready to proceed to defence. The Department Head or Graduate Chair shall advise the College of and Postdoctoral Studies in writing when a positive decision is reached, and the defence will be requested.  At the same time, the department is expected to ensure that all documentation in the student's file contains all necessary documentation, is up to date and in order, and that the academic requirements for the degree have been met.  The department's notification will indicate the definitive title of the thesis and will suggest names of proposed external examiners, with appropriate biographical information.

Usask thesis format

usask thesis format


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