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Battlestar Galactica – Colonial Wars is a Star Wars: Empire at War: Forces of Corruption modification. [13] It was featured as the 'Mod of the Month' in the May 2008 issue of PC Gamer . The mod development was finished at version , as only a semi-conversion; large chunks of Star Wars content remained. Development then focused on a follow-up project, which was set to be a larger, total conversion mod. The mod is set to be completed under a new name, Battlestar Galactica: At War . This uses the same concept for the game, and is set to totally convert Star Wars: Empire at War into Battlestar Galactica. Sadly this mod ceased development and is no longer available. A new sub mod has started up using assets from the Colonial wars mod titled "Battlestar Galactica: War of the Colonies" . This aims to totally convert the game based around an alternate storyline where the Cylon virus does not work, leading to an all out conventional war between the two sides.

The flood of Pong clones led to the video game crash of 1977 , which eventually came to an end with the mainstream success of Taito 's 1978 arcade shooter game Space Invaders , [50] marking the beginning of the golden age of arcade video games and inspiring dozens of manufacturers to enter the market. [50] [58] Its creator Nishikado not only designed and programmed the game, but also did the artwork, engineered the arcade hardware , and put together a microcomputer from scratch. [59] It was soon ported to the Atari 2600 , becoming the first " killer app " and quadrupling the console's sales. [60] At the same time, home computers appeared on the market, allowing individual programmers and hobbyists to develop games. This allowed hardware manufacturer and software manufacturers to act separately. A very large number of games could be produced by an individual, as games were easy to make because graphical and memory limitation did not allow for much content. Larger companies developed, who focused selected teams to work on a title. [61] The developers of many early home video games, such as Zork , Baseball , Air Warrior , and Adventure , later transitioned their work as products of the early video game industry. [ citation needed ]

Thesis video game addiction

thesis video game addiction


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