Sheep sheepdog wolves essay

The story of how Allan "Swampy" Marsh set his dog Oddball to work protecting the penguin colony of Middle Island, a few hundred metres off the windswept coast of western Victoria, is the stuff of legend. Locals – not to mention Tourism Victoria – will be delighted to see how much use McDonald has made of the stunning coastline (the not-quite-Twelve Apostles, Loch Ard Gorge, and the town of, and farmland around, Warrnambool all get the sweeping helicopter treatment). But the scenes on the island were mostly shot on a fabricated set in the Docklands Studios in Melbourne.

While Grossman uses his sheep/sheepdog/wolf analogy to explain violent confrontations, I think it’s just as applicable to moral and ethical confrontations that we face at work and in our communities as well. One of my favorite shows to watch is American Greed on CNBC. Ever since I learned about Grossman’s analogy, I can’t help but see it play out on the show. There’s typically some guy who’s the wolf that takes advantage of innocent folks — the sheep — by scamming them out of their money. The scam goes on for years because no one does anything to end it, even when they notice something isn’t right. It isn’t until one brave person — the sheepdog — takes action that the bad guy is brought to justice.

Sheep sheepdog wolves essay

sheep sheepdog wolves essay


sheep sheepdog wolves essaysheep sheepdog wolves essaysheep sheepdog wolves essaysheep sheepdog wolves essay