Sarah palin research paper

There is one other note to consider about the Palin interviews with ABC and CBS. Those encounters received more scrutiny in significant part because the McCain campaign appeared to be sheltering Palin from the media, a person who was both electrifying and largely unknown. That led the journalists involved to take special effort to prepare for these interviews and also for their organizations to market them in the media. Thus the decision to limit Palin to just a few interviews with a handful of national media, rather than in more frequent but less fraught encounters with the press may have put her at a distinct disadvantage.

The unpublished manuscript chronicles how Bailey transformed from adoring aide to vengeful score-settler, and it's clear he feels that he was blamed unfairly for the Troopergate affair, although he remained in the administration until she resigned as governor in July 2009. He accuses Palin of telling him not to come to a press conference at which he was blamed for trying to pressure the state troopers to investigate and dismiss Palin's former brother-in-law, Mike Wooten—at the Palins' request. But then Palin told the press she had no idea where Bailey was, he writes, making it appear as if he was hiding from wrongdoing.

Sarah palin research paper

sarah palin research paper


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