Rules to follow when writing an essay

Server-based rules     If you are using a Microsoft Exchange Server account , some rules that you create are server-based rules. These rules run on your mailbox on the Exchange mail server, even when Outlook isn’t running on your computer. Server-based rules must apply to messages when they are first delivered to your Inbox , and the rules must be able to run until they are completed on the server. For example, a rule that specifies that a message be printed can’t run until it is completed on the server. If a rule can’t be applied on the server, it is applied when you start Outlook and becomes a client-only rule.

  • No images or graphical data displays . The minute you introduce either, your reviewers fixate on them instead of casting a critical eye to screen layout, content structure, controls, interactivity, and workflow.
  • No fonts other than Arial . As with colors, fonts invite analysis and speculation.
  • Real labels on all interactive components . It doesn’t have to be correct or final, but you definitely need feedback on navigation menu items, accordion content, data tables, buttons, form fields, etc. The only way to get it is to give people something to consider as a starting point.
  • Real text content, to whatever degree possible . Content goes a long way in establishing context, and context is the key to user experience. Design around content. A rough draft of your content is much better than “Lorem ipsum”.
  • Keep interactions simple . Anything that requires significant, real coding for demonstration purposes is something you need to drop, re-think, or table it for your hi-fi prototype.
  • Annotate to begin suggesting and documenting requirements . It is your responsibility to communicate the rationale of all interaction decisions. Not only do annotated prototypes reduce misinterpretation, you create contextual rather than  “paper trail” documentation. Try the user story format I suggest in previous chapters—it’s the perfect format.
  • To illustrate the fidelity level I’m advocating, here are a few prototypes I created of a possible enterprise document management platform:

    Rules to follow when writing an essay

    rules to follow when writing an essay


    rules to follow when writing an essayrules to follow when writing an essayrules to follow when writing an essayrules to follow when writing an essay