Ritzer the mcdonaldization thesis

The truth is that every ‘ingredient’ of the holocaust – all of those many things that rendered it possible – the normal not in the sense of the familiar … but in the sense of being fully in keeping with everything we know about our civilization, its guiding spirit, its priorities, its immanent vision of the world. Thus, the holocaust, to Bauman, was a product of modernity and not, as most people view it, a result of the breakdown of modernity. There is an effective relationship between holocaust and modernity.

Nov. 25, 2001 - I want to stress that this web site needs to be interactive . Most of this web site features my personal interpretation of George Ritzer's book. As such, it should be taken with a grain of salt. In other words, question everything! If you take issue with something you see on the web site, let me know! Offer a different opinion. That's how I want to see this place work. Also, I have seen some people discount the web site and/or McDonaldization in general as simply "anti-globalization." I think that this is a simplistic criticism. It is my personal goal to present the topic of McDonaldization in a factual and unbiased manner as possible. I have no particular agenda against McDonalds or anyone else. If you were a botanist studying the growth rate of a plant, you might record concrete measurements on a chart. Cold, hard, factual data. I view the study of McDonaldization no differently. It may be an inflammatory subject to some, but is still worthy of open-minded attention.

Nov. 12, 2001 - As I write this, just enjoyed its highest number of visitors in a single week - ever. A new record has been set! I find this very interesting since I don't advertise or do anything to promote the web site. Something prompted you to find your way here. At the same time, I see that the book Fast Food Nation is #22 on 's Top Selling Books List for 2001. It seems that interest in McDonaldization is growing!

This growing interest has motivated me to get back to work on the web site. I do this for fun and the occasional five percent on books sold. You won't find ad banners or pop up windows here! I'm not a writer or a sociologist - I'm more like a McDonaldization "hobbyist" who has translated my enthusiasm into a web site. My plan is to expand the content and polish all areas of the site, but I need your help! The site needs fresh material from people other than me like articles, news items, research studies, artwork, editorials - you name it! Anyone, regardless of your skill level or background, is encouraged to contact me if they'd like to help.

So, what is your interest in McDonaldization? Perhaps you're a student looking for a topic for your research paper. Good idea, because McDonaldization is an exciting and unique topic that offers many rewarding avenues for you to explore! It seems like McDonaldization can be found everywhere and it's easy to find many examples that pertain directly to your own life. The world of fast food is the prime example, but the effects of McDonaldization can be found in virtually every other form of business and human activity including health care, religion and education to name a few.

Some of you may have found this site while investigating some of the curiosities of McDonaldization such as "McScam" (the theft of millions of dollars in McDonalds contest prize money since the 1980's) or the recent lawsuits regarding "beef flavoring" injected into french fries. To me, these events are examples of the "irrationality" that is spawned by McDonaldized systems. Just for fun, another example is this: "The FDA Total Diet Study found that fast-food hamburgers, across the board, contained 113 different pesticide residues." (Source: The Schwarzbein Principle, page 287.) Pesticides are used to bring added control and predictability to the fast food cultivation process, but the irrationality is that those same pesticides can end up in your food.

Whatever brought you here, I hope you'll appreciate my efforts to spread the word about this worthy topic.

Ritzer the mcdonaldization thesis

ritzer the mcdonaldization thesis


ritzer the mcdonaldization thesisritzer the mcdonaldization thesisritzer the mcdonaldization thesisritzer the mcdonaldization thesis