Rabbit proof fence essay belonging

So in my post-Bible college years, after getting into a few humbling (and humiliating) debates over doctrine, I realized that my calling wasn’t to proof-text or to argue. I washed my hands of it. “What is truth?” asked Pilate. Jesus himself was the silent answer. So in my music and my writing and in my daily life, I want to learn to let Christ’s very presence—the fact of it—be my answer. His last promise before the Ascension was that he would be with us, to the end of the age. That promise gives me a great deal of peace. What have I to fear?

The director, Phillip Noyce made Rabbit Proof Fence to try and illustrate the shear enormity of the oppression suffered by aboriginal families at the hands of white Australian politicians and the government. The Australian administrators passed a policy that forced pure blooded, half castes and quarter castes Aboriginal children to be taken from their families and their land to be bred and mixed into the white Australian community. The government believed that this was in the Aboriginals best interest but their motive was to eventually eliminate Aboriginal blood to promote a white Australia. This policy is now referred to as the ‘Stolen Generation’. The pain and suffering the Aborigines experienced, the oppression and heart-break only ceased in 1970, when Australia finally realized what they have done and voted to abolish the White Australia policy in 1967. Phillip Noyce’s film, Rabbit Proof Fence reminded and informed the world how inhumane and ignorant the Australian administrative was. Without a doubt Aboriginals have faced harsh treatment, grief and sadness and Noyce’s film showed us exactly this.

Rabbit proof fence essay belonging

rabbit proof fence essay belonging


rabbit proof fence essay belongingrabbit proof fence essay belongingrabbit proof fence essay belongingrabbit proof fence essay belonging