Probability and statistic essay

I have measured the CV for my new method using origin software, by just adding all the mean of each sample that I have obtained (except the negative samples because they were zero, I don;t know if this was right or not) in one column in origin and got the CV and it was . Actually, I don’t know if this is right or not, and if it is right is means that the method is reproducible or not or if this result is good. Note: when I have added the negative samples that there values are zero, the CV increased dramatically so, I am confused now.
could I try it on SPSS software or not?

Statisticians often contemplate a parameterized family of probability distributions , any member of which could be the distribution of some measurable aspect of each member of a population, from which a sample is drawn randomly. For example, the parameter may be the average height of 25-year-old men in North America. The height of the members of a sample of 100 such men are measured; the average of those 100 numbers is a statistic . The average of the heights of all members of the population is not a statistic unless that has somehow also been ascertained (such as by measuring every member of the population). The average height that would be calculated using the all of the individual heights of all 25-year-old North American men is a parameter , and not a statistic .

Probability and statistic essay

probability and statistic essay


probability and statistic essayprobability and statistic essayprobability and statistic essayprobability and statistic essay