Pro homosexual marriage essay

Reproduction is not the sole biological role of sex in humans. If reproduction was the the only role of sex, we would only have sex 2 times in our life (on average). No other species of mammal spends as much time performing sex as humans, both in frequency and duration of the act. Why would nature have designed sex to be so inefficient? What is the advantage? The answer is that sex has other secondary roles, such as social bonding. Therefore, sex performed for non-reproductory purposes isn't any more "unnatural" than an elephant using its ears for cooling rather than hearing.

JULY – Reverend Nancy Wilson and Paula Schoenwether are first couple to sue for nationwide recognition of marriage. In a potentially groundbreaking lawsuit, they  moved to force every state and the federal government to legally recognize their Massachusetts marriage. Holding hands, the Reverend Nancy Wilson and Paula Schoenwether stood outside a courthouse in Tampa, Fla., on Tuesday to tell reporters that the time has come for gays and lesbians to receive full and equal rights, including the right to have their marriages recognized throughout the country.

Pro homosexual marriage essay

pro homosexual marriage essay


pro homosexual marriage essaypro homosexual marriage essaypro homosexual marriage essaypro homosexual marriage essay