Papers on cyber bullying

. Supreme Court cases reflect the confusion over school matters versus student affairs. In Wisniewski v. Board of Education , the Supreme Court found that inappropriate behavior that was conducted off campus didn’t necessarily indicate that the student was exempt from discipline. Under . v Blue Mountain School District, the Court similarly found that Tinker applied to off-campus speech, but in Layshock v. Hermitage School District , the Supreme Court indicated that students could not be punished for off-campus speech that was, as according to Fraser , lewd.

Your comments about govt. agencies are absolutely right, but I think it is also because they are non-profit agencies. I worked in companies for profit before Social Services, and nobody had time to bully anybody because everyone was expected to be working hard to make money for the company. In Social Services, it was like a high school mean girl’s club. Supervisors were put in place who were completely unqualified and untrained and on power trips! And the director doesn’t care because he’s getting paid regardless, and rather than actually care about the bullying, he will say, “I have to support my supervisors.” (Even if they are psychotic or socio-paths?) I saw so many people traumatized and abused by unprofessional supervisors who would talk about employees to other employees and even sabotage people’s work and write certain people up for the most trivial, stupid reasons! There are a lot of people who are just not well, and they all seem to end up in govt. agencies where they can torture other people to their heart’s content & nobody cares!

Papers on cyber bullying

papers on cyber bullying


papers on cyber bullyingpapers on cyber bullyingpapers on cyber bullyingpapers on cyber bullying