Painted faces coursework

As with anything, in order to become skilled, practice is key. From a young age, I would carry a sketchbook everywhere – pens and paper were always with me. I did a prolific amount of drawings. My parents tell me I was always a perfectionist. Although I now realise perfection is unattainable, I continue to strive for it. I can always ‘do better next time’. My advice for artists who wish to improve their realism would be to practice observational drawings. Try to dispel what you think the ‘tree’ or the ‘glass’ you’re drawing looks like. Really see the positive and negative spaces. Everything is a shape. Learn your trade from the ground up. Mastering the technical skills in art gives you a foundation to build upon. Learn the basic drawing and painting principles, perspective, the grey scale, dead-layers, etc. Go beyond school, and learn about your tools and the grounds (paper, canvas, etc) available. Then add your artistry and flair to these skills. Earn the right to be experimental and avant-garde by having a solid grounding in the fundamentals. No matter what the assumption about art is, I believe it’s important to see yourself as an artisan first and then an artist.

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Painted faces coursework

painted faces coursework


painted faces courseworkpainted faces courseworkpainted faces courseworkpainted faces coursework