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Vitas Jordan aims to offer financial services that come in line with its customers’ needs, so for that reason Vitas varies loans from one client to another to meet their needs and expectations. One of these clients is Sa’eed Atallah the owner of a small dessert shop in the center of AL-Hashmi area. Sa’eed became a Vitas client when he decided that it was time to polish and improve his shop a bit; he started with a loan of 1000JDs, bought an ice cream freezer and a juice maker and changed the decorations. “You start small but you dream big,” Sa’eed says, as he discusses his dream of starting a series of branches for his successful dessert shop. Sa’eed explains that what encourages him to continue dealing with Vitas Jordan is the ease of the transactions and procedures and the knowledge that Vitas' financial services just might make his big dream come true.

A programme and project management framework for the management of all IT projects is established. The framework ensures the correct prioritisation and co-ordination of all projects. The framework includes a master plan, assignment of resources, definition of deliverables, approval by users, a phased approach to delivery, QA, a formal test plan, and testing and post-implementation review after installation to ensure project risk management and value delivery to the business. This approach reduces the risk of unexpected costs and project cancellations, improves communications to and involvement of business and end users, ensures the value and quality of project deliverables, and maximises their contribution to IT-enabled investment programmes.

Manage projects

manage projects


manage projectsmanage projectsmanage projectsmanage projects