Judith butler queer theory essay

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Queerness here is the modality through which “freedom from norms” becomes a regulatory queer ideal that demarcates the ideal queer. Arguing that “more reflection on queer attachments might allow us to avoid positing assimilation or transgression as choices.” Sara Ahmed notes, “The idealization of movement, or transformation of movement into a fetish, depends on the exclusion of other who are already positioned as not free in the same way.” Individual freedom becomes the barometer of choice in the valuation, and ultimately, regulation of queerness. Ahmed’s post-Marxian frame focuses on the material, cultural, and social capital and resource that might delimit “access” to queerness, suggesting the queer can be an elite cosmopolitan formulation contingent upon various regimes of mobility. Ironically, “those that have access” to such cultural capital and material resources may constitute the very same populations that may would accuse of assimilation, living out queerness in the most apolitical or conservatively political am thinking of queerness as exceptional in a way that is wedded to individualism and the rational, liberal humanist subject, what Ahmed denotes as “attachments” and what I would qualify as deep psychic registers of investment that we often cannot account for and are sometimes best seen by others rather than ourselves.

The Rutgers Program in Comparative Literature is pleased to announce a five-year collaboration with the Autonomous National University of Mexico (UNAM) . This partnership, beginning in 2018-19 and funded generously by the Mellon Foundation’s Critical Theory in the Global South initiative, will support reciprocal dissertation workshops in Mexico City and New Brunswick, as well as the creation of a new interdisciplinary course, to be taught concurrently in English and Spanish at Rutgers and UNAM, on “The University and Its Publics: North, South, and In Between.”

Judith butler queer theory essay

judith butler queer theory essay


judith butler queer theory essayjudith butler queer theory essayjudith butler queer theory essayjudith butler queer theory essay