Interaction design coursework

In each year of the programme students will undertake courses in the Forum for Critical Inquiry alongside other Fine Art and Design undergraduate students. FoCI courses make up 20 of the 120 credits studied in each of the first 3 years. Additionally, year one students participate in the Cross School Course which is  where all year one students participate in the same project.  In year four students are required to present a piece of personal research in the form of an Extended Essay (20% of the final degree mark) or a Dissertation (30% of the final degree mark).

Balsamiq Mockups is an Adobe Air app that makes wireframing an interaction easy. The team at Balsamiq has done a superb job, providing users with a number of interaction design patterns that are ubiquitous to contemporary application design. What’s more, Balsamiq keeps their interface simple, using a hand drawn style for elements and comic sans as a font face. This enables the designer and stakeholders to focus their efforts (and their clients’ feedback) on interaction, by removing the extraneous design elements. Think of it as an online version of paper prototyping!

You need never decide whether to support potential buyers or eventual users. We are not working with fixed pieces of hardware. We work with either pure software or hardware driven by software. A designer can easily create a system that will fully support both buyer and user, switching appearance depending on current need. You can design the software for an operating system, for example, that will present itself in a very simple form in the store only to slowly open up like a flower, offering the user more and more accessibility and functionality as the user becomes progressively more skilled and more comfortable.

Interaction design coursework

interaction design coursework


interaction design courseworkinteraction design courseworkinteraction design courseworkinteraction design coursework