Ict in society essay

In traditional role teacher was directing but after integration of ICT in teaching methodology using various tools, he is facilitating and monitoring activities of students (Wheeler, S. (2001). It is wrong to say that role of teacher is no more after ICT-supported instruction but it further enhances role of teacher. ( Mumtaz (2000) argued that "teachers need to be given the evidence that ICT can make their lessons more interesting, easier, more fun for them and their pupils, more enjoyable and more motivating" (). "Power of electronic communication is a powerful tool that can be used easily and effectively" (Easingwood, 2001, ). According to Kalogiannakis (2010), ICT- enriched innovations ehnace quality of education in which teacher plays a vital role in delivery.

In fact, ICT also gives educators the opportunity to transform the way learning happens, and enable student development. ICT present a range of tools that teachers or lecturers use to present and display as part of their teaching and help educators interact with students as well as engage them in a more meaningful way. These technological tools can be purposefully designed for education, for example, software or hardware used in the context such as word processors and spreadsheets. Computer tools help students and teachers manipulate complex data-sets. This then provides the context for effective discussion that help to develop subject understanding. ICT is beneficial for teachers to share resources, expertise and advice. It is also easier to plan and prepare lessons and design materials for students. Sometimes, ICT helps teachers to access up-to-date students and school data, anytime anywhere. Teachers can enhance their professional image by using ICT.

Ict in society essay

ict in society essay


ict in society essayict in society essayict in society essayict in society essay