Icant sleep help

That means that rates of heart disease may decline as belly fat dissolves. Inflammation aggravates blood vessels, which can increase heart-disease risk, and also interfere more generally with the body’s normal physiological processes. The end result is obesity, and obesity in turn puts added mechanical pressure on the heart and lungs. “If you have a lot of belly fat, the lungs can’t expand as well, so it becomes harder to breathe when you’re sleeping, which is why more people get sleep apnea,” says Stewart. “When you have sleep apnea, you wake up more in the middle of the night, and that leads to daytime sleepiness and fatigue. So people are feeling miserable because they haven’t had a good night’s sleep.”

Hi, our 5yr was super keen & enthused with Dad to play soccer this year. He has just started kindy & settled in really well. Apart from tiredness hubby & he & older brother were rearing to go play soccer! But… he won’t train nor will he take the field but as soon as practice or the games over he’s up & playing kicks with giggles & fun!
I know the daily rush & grind he’s never really liked even with school but thinking he settled into school so well & the enthusiasm he had with older brother & dad is all but gone.
I’ve tried to ask him how he feels but he’s never been one to talk about anything – school, playgroup, Preeschool, holidays he’s always been silent & shy / stubborn but in saying that older brother who’s now 7 only really came comfortable talking & socialising a year ago.
So possibly age is a factor but how do we help him – do we allow him to quit (what will next year be like if he asks to play again?!) ? He knows a few of the 11 boys in the team but that didn’t make much difference.
Just wanting to help him – do we keep going to games & have him sit & watch?
Dunno, help lost parents A&J

Icant sleep help

i cant sleep help


i cant sleep helpi cant sleep helpi cant sleep helpi cant sleep help