Greek and roman religion essay

Greek gods are given a beautiful, perfect physical appearance while Roman gods are not given physical form and represented only in the imagination of the people. Greek gods are mainly based on human personality traits likes love, hate, honor and dignity, and myths related to them are shaped by these traits. Roman gods are based on objects or actions rather than personality traits. The actions of gods and mortals in Greek myths are more individualistic, the deeds of an individual are more influential than that of the group. Roman mythology is much less individualistic.

And perhaps, if Christianity could have evolved from the Greeks, we are not so far off from our cave-dwelling ancestors. Do we not still paint our religious idols, hoping to find perfection in our ideas of them? Do we not write poetry and sing songs that aspire to capture the rapture at a world we inhabit but cannot fully understand? Do we not still look at the stars and wonder if someone, or something, is looking back? Do we not still hope that we are not alone, meant to live our mortal lives and then be cast to dust without any rhyme or reason for existence?

Greek and roman religion essay

greek and roman religion essay


greek and roman religion essaygreek and roman religion essaygreek and roman religion essaygreek and roman religion essay