Child prostitution in asia essays

Bonacci says one of the abusers had close ties to the upper echelons of American government – powerful Washington lobbyist Craig Spence. According to Bonacci, Larry King took youngsters on midnight tours of the White House with the help of Craig Spence and Secret Service insiders. Insider access, for pedophile predators no less, to the most secure home in the country seemed beyond belief. However, in 1989, the Washington Times confirmed that Craig Spence arranged at least four midnight tours of the White House including one on June 29, 1988, on which he took with him a 15-year-old boy whom he falsely identified as his son. The Times also discovered a Secret Service agent assigned to the midnight shift at the White House had been furloughed.  They found that he was interrogated for more than 10 hours as armed agents with search warrants searched his home for nearly two hours.

But I can also see what Susan is saying in her response piece. Decriminalizing the act absolutely makes it all the easier for predators to victimize helpless children as she describes. This is a seemingly intractable problem and I’m not sure what the best answer would be. It might start with a more aggressive and well funded program to take such underage prostitutes off the streets and into some sort of long term shelter (rather than jail or juvenile detention) and find a way to assure them that their cooperation in apprehending their abusers who put them on the streets won’t result in retribution from the criminals they’re caught up with.

Criminologist Ronald Flowers writes that prostitution of children and child pornography are closely linked; up to one in three prostituted children have been involved in pornography, often through films or literature. Runaway teenagers, he states, are frequently used for "porn flicks" and photographs. [32] In addition to pornography, Flowers writes that, "Children caught up in this dual world of sexual exploitation are often victims of sexual assaults, sexual perversions, sexually transmitted diseases, and inescapable memories of sexual misuse and bodies that have been compromised, brutalized, and left forever tarnished." [33]

Child prostitution in asia essays

child prostitution in asia essays


child prostitution in asia essayschild prostitution in asia essayschild prostitution in asia essayschild prostitution in asia essays