Capulet essays

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In Act 3 scene 1, Romeo blames fate for the death of Tybalt, calling himself ‘fortune’s fool’, and whilst it is quite a stretch for Romeo to try and blame fate for the death of Tybalt when Romeo quite obviously chose, through his own free will to kill him, it shows not only how great of a power characters in Romeo and Juliet and Elizabethan people gave fate but also how dangerous an idea determinism can be if too much of an importance is put on it which pays dividends at the end of the play. The plosive ‘f’ in ‘fortunes fool’ highlights the pure anguish Romeo feels as he feels he hopeless compared to the great power of fate and he can’t do anything about it. This reiterates the idea about the wheel of fortune in which Elizabethans believed which was concept that fate and fortune control life and that the wheel could turn in your favour or reduce your status as misfortune struck.

Capulet essays

capulet essays


capulet essayscapulet essayscapulet essayscapulet essays