Brand positioning research papers

In essence, IKEA only focuses on their core product; supplying you with the most affordable furniture. In all other area’s they focus on delivering ‘just enough’, and they have positioned themselves accordingly. Their identity and the market’s perception of them are extremely balanced, positioning them solidly in the Open Playground area. Being at the lower end of the spectrum also allows IKEA to exceed expectations quite easily as we experienced ourselves only days ago. When buying some office furniture we spend two hours to buy four desks and have them delivered to our new office, not a great experience but it is what we expected. When they then delivered on the exact minute they said they would, we were pleasantly surprised, which led us to tell this story.

Great list Heidi, well researched. There is a lot of commonality, but I tend to subscribe to the thinking of Al Ries: 26.“A brand is a singular idea or concept that you own inside the mind of a prospect.” If you think about it in these terms – your brand has to be a single promise (you can’t stand for multiple things) that exists in the mind or those in your market. It is what you stand for and why people either buy or don’t buy from you. Your logo, advertising, customer experience, every interaction with your brand either reinforces or dilutes that promise in people’s minds.

Brand positioning research papers

brand positioning research papers


brand positioning research papersbrand positioning research papersbrand positioning research papersbrand positioning research papers