Agood process analysis essay

INVENSITY independently works on developing practice-oriented innovations. In its innovation center - partly in cooperation with universities, institutions and associations - topics that aid technological advancement are worked on as part of innovation projects. INVENSITY systematizes the knowledge generated in projects using an internal knowledge management system. The newly-gained expertise can then, thanks to INVENSITY’s cross-sector organization, be made available to companies from various industries within the framework of client projects.

Computational complexity theory is the study of the complexity of problems – that is, the difficulty of solving them. Problems can be classified by complexity class according to the time it takes for an algorithm – usually a computer program – to solve them as a function of the problem size. Some problems are difficult to solve, while others are easy. For example, some difficult problems need algorithms that take an exponential amount of time in terms of the size of the problem to solve. Take the travelling salesman problem , for example. It can be solved in time O ( n 2 2 n ) {\displaystyle O(n^{2}2^{n})} (where n is the size of the network to visit – the number of cities the travelling salesman must visit exactly once). As the size of the network of cities grows, the time needed to find the route grows (more than) exponentially.

Agood process analysis essay

a good process analysis essay


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